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Why should I use natural (botanical) cosmetics and why should I buy Dana's Cosmetics?



“Natural” implies that ingredients are extracted directly from plants or animals as opposed to being produced synthetically.

 Homemade cosmetics are fresh and more pure; they do not have hidden ingredients. They are different from anything

you could buy anywhere commercially. They are also less expensive than high-end synthetically produced cosmetics.


 For centuries, beauty products have been made from natural ingredients but with time and the discovery of thousands

of chemicals, the preparations we apply on our skin have been manufactured on a mass-produced and commercial scale.


 Commercial cosmetics must be extraordinarily stable. To withstand nationwide shipment to thousands of stores,

they must be able to resist extremely high and low temperatures. For this reason they are subjected to “freeze-thaw” tests,

and storage tests in special “hot rooms”. It takes months before they get to you, the customer. They can stay on the shelf

for a year or longer.


I am in possession of a few commercial cosmetics, very expensive ones, which I purchased three years ago.

They have a fresh smell, smooth consistency, and no signs of spoiling. This I call chemistry!


 We purchase products based on the packaging or based on their promised performance. Remember that the cosmetic

industry has been selling image, illusions and hope because we’ve been giving them permission to do so.

“Image is what the cosmetic industry sells through its products”, and its up to you to believe it or not.


Do you really believe that an eighty or hundred dollar jar of cream can erase a lifetime of wrinkles?

Or maybe you have fallen into a sales trap prepared by the cosmetic industry, the mega advertisers

on TV and in magazines. If a chemist could put “youth in a bottle” he would deserve the Nobel Prize!

The fact is there is no product on the market today that can reverse the effect of time. 


There are hundreds of cosmetics on market, containing substances which have long been demonstrated

in clinical studies to be harmful for the skin. You should have control over what goes onto your skin.


This article is dedicated to the wise women and men, who through their determination want

to create healthier skin and are educating themselves and their families in how to do so.