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“Teenagers are being exposed during a critical period of development to toxic chemicals in products they use every day. Their bodies are still developing and may be especially vulnerable to risk from these exposures. Most parents don’t know that the eyeliner, lipstick or shampoo they allow their daughters to use probably contains at least one chemical linked to a number of serious health concerns.”

We have on a market 61% of lipstics which contain lead, which is proven neurotoxin that can cause learning, language and behavioural problems such as lowered IQ, reduce school performance and increased aggression.

Puberty is a time of rapid cell development. Tissues are more sensetive to external toxins, including those that can impair fertility and increase the risk of breast cancer. Learn how to avoid the nasty chemicals in your personal care products.

Teenage makeup should always be soft and subtle. Don’t overdo it, you will look silly, and also do not be a copy cat of makeup used by your friends. Create your own style. Make sure not to use any harsh products on your skin; go for homemade and natural cosmetics.

  • Choose bright and natural colors
  • Use gloss instead of lipstick
  • Avoid any heavy makeup which will overshadow your natural beauty
  • Use light eye shadows
  • Always remove your makeup before going to bed
  • Keep your skin clean and moisturized
  • Cover your blemishes with concealer and follow with makeup powder
  • Remember- less is more 

You should use light moisturizer, do not use heavy creams. In case of combination skin use moisturizer only on dry areas, and keep it off your T-zone.

The most important advice - smile a lot and be happy!