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“The only safe synthetic chemical is the one you are not in contact with in any way shape or form.”

When we think of “poison”, we have an image in our mind of someone ingesting a toxic substance. Chemicals can enter our system in a number of ways: especially through the skin. We wear transdermal patches which deliver hormones, heart medicine, nicotine, and a countless number of other substances into our bodies.

The skin is our largest organ, and absorbs far more than we could imagine. Literally thousands of harmful ingredients enter our bodies through the skin every day. Look carefully at the ingredients of the hand cream, lotion, or shampoo you use right now. Unless you’re a chemist, it’s unlikely that you are familiar with these chemical names. Since they are completely meaningless to most people, it’s very easy for us to say, “they wouldn’t sell it if it wasn’t safe…”

“Image is what the cosmetic industry sells through its products. It is up to the consumer to believe it or not.”

Colorants, artificial fragrances, and chemical preservatives give traditional cosmetics their smell and image, but they also are the cause of adverse reactions of the skin. These chemical preservatives are not added to cosmetics for our benefit- they are cheaper and allow the product to last for years and years.

Eating fresh and natural food is much healthier that eating processed food loaded with preservatives. Complete your healthy lifestyle by feeding your skin with fresh, non-toxic, skin care products.